How to print?

Printing from coloringall.com is very easy, all you need to do is select the coloring page you like and click the print button, and then select the portrait or landscape of the paper. We recommend that you use the chrome browser for printing on your computer for the best experience. Of course, if your phone or tablet is already connected to your printer, you can also print from your phone or tablet and all you need to do is also click the print button.

All of our coloring pages are in vector format, so no matter what size or scale of paper you use, you’ll get the perfect print: clear, sharp, full of paper and centered.

Why can’t I pin an image to Pinterest?

As mentioned above, all coloring pages on coloringall.com are in SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) format, and unfortunately, Pinterest does not currently support the SVG format. As a compromise measure, we provide one image in png format on each topic page specifically for pinning, but we cannot provide all copies in png format for all images, so if you pin on a single coloring page, you will find no image to pin, but you can do this on the topic pages.

Can I request a subject?

Of course you can, and it’s very simple. If you didn’t find the coloring page you’re looking for, you just need to search in the search bar on the top right (maybe you’ve already searched), and even if you still don’t find what you’re looking for, the keyword you’re searching for is already recorded, and we’ll regularly collate those search terms and prioritize them.