WALL-E Coloring Pages

In the year 2805 A.D., due to garbage and pollution, the Earth is no longer suitable for human habitation. The Earthlings are forced to leave their homeland in a spaceship for a long and endless journey to the universe. A large number of robots called WALL-E are left on Earth to dispose of the garbage. As time passes, the robots break down one after another, and only one is still doing what seems to be a never-ending job. After a long period of time, it began to take on a consciousness of its own. He likes to hide his collection of treasures, enjoys watching centuries-old movies after work, and has a cockroach friend for company. Until one day, a robot named eve comes to Earth in search of plants…. Pixar’s 2008 animated film, WALL-E, won the 81st Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film in 2009. Below are some free printable WALL-E coloring pages.