Tangled Coloring Pages

Gothel, the witch, relies on a magical golden flower to stay young. When the queen fell seriously ill, the king sent for the flower to cure her and she recovered, giving birth to Rapunzel, a little girl with blond hair, and the witch discovered that the little princess’s blond hair had the same magic, so she stole Rapunzel and locked her up in a tower with no stairs. Eighteen years later, as Rapunzel grows into a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, she yearns for the outside world, and the witch tries to keep Rapunzel with her in order to stay young forever. One day, Flynn, a thief, stolen the princess’ crown and flees into the forest. With Flynn as her companion, Rapunzel steps down from the tower and embarks on an adventure of life and love. Tangled is Disney’s 50th animated feature film, based on the classic Grimm’s fairy tale Rapunzel. Here are some free Tangled coloring pages.