Hedgehog Coloring Pages

An adult hedgehog has about 5,000 to 8,000 spines all over its body, each about three centimeters long and a millimeter thick, with a very pointed top and a smooth surface, like a steel needle. These spines are actually hollow hairs that are reinforced by keratin, the same component that makes up our human fingernails. When faced with a predator, the spines all over the hedgehog’s body serve as a defensive shield. During hibernation, hedgehogs wrap themselves tightly in their spines to protect themselves from enemies. When out foraging, it will poke at food by curling or rolling its body to bring it back to the nest. When the hedgehog accidentally falls, it will immediately curl itself into a ball of spines to act as a protective cushion to prevent injury from falling. Here are some free printable hedgehog coloring pages.